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Hair Vine

This hair vine is a simple and cute project.
See, it kinda looks like a vine! Genius.
Hair vines are a fun, versatile hair accessory!
You can find out how to make one yourself at
from Bobbie L's post at Cut Out and Keep!

Lace & Pearl Bracelet

This bracelet is so cute!

This bracelet is even prettier than the original it's knocking off!

Flamingo Toes has the best tutorials.

Go visit her page to find out how to make them yourself.

Duct Tape Wallets Get a Makeover!

Well, this is the first I've heard of vibrant color and patterned duct tape,
and I must admit, I am a FAN!

I love the leopard print one, naturally...
Crafty Nest gives us a great tutorial
on how to make a duct tape wallet
that's a LOT cooler than those old fashioned ones.

Corkboard Necklace Tutorial

Again, another craft that I can make by just running down to my kitchen,
maybe rummaging through a garbage bin (just kidding!)


I love pendants like these.

I love birdie silhouettes!
They're so fresh and modern.
with limitless possibilities!

Find out how to make them yourself at Oh So Happy Together!

Necklace out of Shower Curtain Rings

My FAVORITE types of crafts are the ones where I don't
A) have to spend any money
B) can find all the stuff I need in less than five minutes

This is a project that satisfies both A & B!

Who knew shower curtain rings could help make such a modern and funky necklace?!
Obviously THIS girl knew!

"There is nothing I love more than being resourceful. Here is a simple necklace tutorial made out of thrifted finds. It is very fun and perfect for a little added funky flair. PLUS, it looks christmas-y right? You can make it with any color scheme by changing out the beads, and fabric. I did totally make this up… so no hating or judging.. haha. It’s just for fun. The items you will need are shown above: Strips of fabric, beads, yarn or string, and shower curtain rings. I displayed yarn AND string… but in this example I just chose to use the yarn." READ MORE

Add Texture to your Art!

I love tree art!
A little Plaster of Paris can add a lot to your paintings!

"Have you ever wished you could afford original art work for your home rather than a cute print that everyone and their dog has?  Well, you may not think of yourself as a painter, but I'm going to walk you through doing some easy, textured paintings for your home."... Read More.

Free Crafty Fonts

Here's a great source for fonts for all your scrapbooking, 
photoshopping, web design, etc projects!

I've taken a ton of fonts from the website she's provided.

"Fonts are a VERY IMPORTANT part of any project - and in my opinion, using the right ones can take your project from drab to fab! I've been called the "Font Queen" by many friends and family... anytime I do something new they are always asking... 
"Where did you get that font?"'

Photo Canvas Wall Art

You can pick up Canvas Paper at Home Depot!
(who knew!?)

And here's a fun how-to set up a fun family wall display with photo canvases!

"I have been dying to make/buy a photo canvas for quite some time. My dad has a beautiful one, with a photo of a Hibiscus flower. It’s amazing. And I’ve seen great options around blog land too, but I just wasn’t sure quite what I wanted to do. The photo canvases can be pretty expensive – usually over $100 I think...." Read more.

Link Back to Oh, That's Crafty!

Reusable Coffee Sleeve

These reusable coffee sleeves are both
adorable AND eco-friendly!

Cute and nice to the environment... win!

"When you purchase your coffee it comes with the cup, the lid and the cardboard coffee sleeve.  My goodness - that is a lot of waste for one coffee drink!  So, I thought maybe we could help eliminate some of the waste by creating a reusable coffee sleeve.  Just a small little sleeve that you could slip in your bag or briefcase and use when you buy your coffee. I have seen so many of these for sale on etsy.com.  They are super-cute, but they looked easy enough to make, so I thought I would try my hand at making one myself.  If you know someone who is a coffee-shop addict (or you are one yourself), make them one of these reusable coffee sleeves and help our environment by eliminating waste. Read More."

Stuffed Whale Pattern

Get yourself a free pattern here
to make this:
Aw, cute toy and cute kid!
Cute, right!?

I think it might work well with my halloween costume... hmmm....

Make Upcycled Art with Old Books

I've always been a fan of altered books or using old books to play around with.

This tutorial gives you a couple tips on different techniques you can use to transfer designs and such to create an interesting piece of art using some pages from an old book. Click

I love the design with the key so much!

Love the finished look

"Here's a fun project to give a new life to an old book! Great for rainy days, crafting with children, and people who think they don't have an artistic bone in their body. This instructable includes making a photocopy transfer, dripping liquid watercolor and using clear matte medium with paper strips as techniques for artmaking. Enjoy!...Read More!"

JCrew Knockoff Necklace

This necklace is the essence of classic chic.

JCrew inspired necklace.
I love any craft thats inspired by Anthropologie and JCrew!
I love the vintage, classical touch you get with the fabric and beads.

Find out more about how to make it, here!

Eyeglasses Brooch

One trip to Goodwill and you're set to go!

I'm personally, not a fan of brooches, but these litttle guys can be used for decoration or to fill out a gift bag.

"Since that time, I have been meaning to make my own eyeglass brooches using my old glasses. Of course, I would prefer to donate my eyeglasses to the Lion's Club recycling program, which seems like a really great effort. However, since my lenses contain prisms (since my eyes are all jacked up), I have been told my glasses are not usable in the program. Well, at least this way my funky lenses will not end up in the trash. If you have an extra pair of eyeglasses lying around, you could make a brooch as well... Read More."

Cut n' Paste Necklaces

These little collage necklaces are so cute!
It's a great project for adult and kids alike!
You can embellish these with some paint, little charmes, etc. 
I'll definitely be able to make some for my friends,
a great stocking stuffer!

My friends are going to be spoiled with all the stuff I'll be making for them!

"hello and happy monday to you! i'm working my way through a large coffee, sneezing my head off and looking back on some cut and paste fun i had this weekend. inspired by a beautiful patterned pendant i bought from jess swiftlast year, i decided to try a humble version made of paper. just as i did with the bookmarks, i collaged an 8.5x11 sheet of 80 lb cardstock with pieces from my stash - mostly stuff from old marie-claire maisons, anthropologie catalogs, and patterned papers. i covered both sides to make the necklaces reversible... READ MORE"

Photo Weave

Make these edgy photo weaves.

 All you really need are photos... and glue!

Adding a frame brings it together.

"Have your photos been looking a bit flat? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Grab those scissors, it’s makeover time! We’re gonna slice up your photos to assemble a feisty photo weave — a simple, handy way to make even the dullest photos pop. Follow our simple steps and a winsome weave you’ll have in no time... Read More"

Make Your Own Personal Dress Form

The completed dress form!

Mannequins cost anything from 99-500 dollars...
well you can use your OWN body to create a dress form with a little (messy) help!

You really just need another person, garbage bag, a lot of duct tape, and newspaper!

"You know why I have little sisters? So I can torture them with my craft making capabilities! I have two younger, much younger sisters that are in or will be in fashion design classes in high school in the fall. So while I was visiting we made them dress forms. We didn't get to mine. But I have the supplies and will be doing it this weekend before my husband goes. You need to have two people to pull this craft stunt off. I you tubed, googled, and blogged around the web for video's. I found my favorite ones and combined aspects of each to make ours... Read More"

Geek out with this Periodic Table Craft!

Nothing says geeky like a periodic table influenced craft,
and I LOVE it!

Knit. Craft. Sewww Cute!
Find out how this was done by clicking here!

I think mine's gonna be "Sx, Rx, Ro"
Sex Drugs & Rock n' Roll baby!

a little too cliche?

I'll work on it.

Make This Awesome Altered Hoodie!

This is one of my favorite "altered" clothes projects.
Look how trendy and edgy this looks!
I can't believe how simple it is to turn a boring white hoodie into a fun piece like this!

"A while back as I was browsing through though my local Anthropologie store (key word browsing!) I came upon these sweaters (below) and I loved the concept- square blocks of fabric applique on the surface of a garment- but what I don't love is the price of $100.00 for a sweater. While I do like browsing Anthropologie, quite frankly I never actually shop there- their price points make me really mad- but thats another story! Anyway, I decided to put my own twist on the concept but use a blank hoodie sweatshirt- a staple piece of clothing in my neck of the woods... Read More"

Create this Anthropogie inspired Tee!

This shirt is such a cute idea!

Go find out more about how to make it here!

Make a Halter Top from a Scarf!

You work it girl!

This scarf shirt is awesome! Too bad it's not summer anymore :(

But who says you can't hide it under a cardigan or a pea coat!? NO ONE.

So go ahead! Make one of these babies and work it girl!

All you need is a scarf and some sort of ribbon or chains, and a little bit of sewing.

"Seriously. This is so simple that it may even take you longer to pull out your sewing machine and set up than to actually make this top! How fabulous is that?! We found this idea here, and with the hot weather we've been having around here lately we thought now was the perfect time to whip one up! READ MORE!"

Watercolor Animals

Easy Peasy Watercolor Art!

I feel like I'm in a safari!

All you need is a picture of an animal, some watercolors and you've got yourself some fine looking animal silhouettes surrounded by the lovely running harmony of watercolors.

"I took the girls to the zoo this weekend and I had some fun FINALLY experimenting with my zoom lens. It was cool to take some photos of something other than the kids for once. So, I came home with some cool animal shots and I was trying to think of something to do with them here on Prudent Baby. Here is a DIY for these little watercolor silhouettes that I made.... Read More!"

Booze Art!

I'm loving the "paisley-esque" look of some of these tiles!

This is great.
Go to Micheals and buy some of these alcohol blending solutions,
and special inks and some ceramic tiles...

I don't know how pricey it'll be but from the pictures I'm looking at,
I think it'd be completely worth it!
"so easy, so fun, just as sandra said it would be. the results are nearly immediate. alcohol ink dries very quickly on non-porous surfaces. start with a thin layer of the alcohol blending solution, spreading it evenly with a toothbrush. (this diffuses the color, brings out the saturation and extends the drying time.) then squeeze big drops of one color on the tile and watch it do the weirdest stuff ever... READ MORE"

Make a Key Cap

Make a key cap for your keys out of polymer clay

The Hello Kitty key cap is too cute.

I LOVE this tutorial! I can think of a ton of things I'd want to put on my key.
A panda, a t-rex, a unicorn, maybe a little mini house, so I know it's my house key...

"Materials: Polymer clay, metal key, pin, and anything else you want to use to decorate it (such as gloss, markers, glass beads, glitter, etc). My key was a Hello Kitty one. Yours can be anything you want, from radios to burgers to planets. The possibilities are endless!...read more"

Pretty Little Bookmark

Dress Form Bookmark!

Dress form designs are totally IN this decade!
This is the chic-est way to read/write!
and what's cuter than this dress form bookmark!?

Pretty much nothing, except for my niece.
She's pretty freaking cute.

Pretty Penny Pendant

Create a pretty pendant with a penny in your pocket!

I totally care about this tutorial!

Take a shiny penny, put it in your pocket... wait, that's a waste! 
Make a pretty necklace with it!

Find out how you can do that, here!

Paper Mache Jewelry

Here's your chance to wear more traditional art around your neck!

I love the mustache one in the back, haha! The possibilities are endless!
A little newspaper, glue, cardboard, paints/watercolors/, and some other things, and 
you'll have yourself a necklace that makes a statement about YOU - the ARTIST
Not just the crafty beads enthusiast, but you the painter!

"You can literally wear your art around your neck. It makes me smile just knowing I can put whatever I want on my jewelry. You should try it out and feel that same freedom... MORE"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | By: Lexi

Simple Paper Flowers

Aren't these a cute addition?!
These paper flowers are a great project! All you need is paper and some ribbons. You can always go in a more colorful direction for parties and such things. :)

The tutorial below is inspired by this Paper Source kit (which is nice because the flowers are pre-punched, there are templates and it comes with wire/tape to make stems). My way is a bit more freehand so check your perfectionism at the toolbar... Read More

Collage Techniques and Inspiration

This page features some examples of collage techniques and ideas for the beginner
from a book called "Collage Lab"

"There are so many great techniques in this book so by the time the reader has worked through the book, he or she should be able to feel more at ease with collage. This might not be the book for someone who has been “into” collage for years, but for those of us who have been a bit collage-challenged, this is a great workbook... more"

Sew Your Own Pair of Underwear!

Sew your own underwear using an old pair of underwear as a guide!

Cute, right?!
This could be a funny & fun, "girls night in" craft project.

"This tutorial will take you, step by step, through the process of making underwear that fit you perfectly and look great too.  Please use this pattern for personal use only, and feel free to link back to this post." More...

Silhouette Script Necklace

I love the vintage style of this necklace

Make this classy necklace yourself!
It's much easier than it looks.

Vintage Record Cover Wall Art

After seeing this tutorial for Vintage Record Cover Wall Art
I know I'll be hitting up Good Will for some cool looking record covers!

How funky is this!?

I don't have enough room on my walls for all this stuff! Ah!
I need to make more friends to make stuff for! :)

Monogram Family Initial

This Monogram Family Initial project is great!

So adorable! I think the Black and White gives it a nice touch.
What better way to proudly display your family and family name?! 
Just be careful not to leave anyone out!
That could be awkward...

Button Frame

This button frame is too cute!

Statement Necklace

Take your old jewelry, charms, etc and turn them into a chic statement necklace!

Imagine the possibilities!

House Diorama

This house diorama is a great gift!

I just moved into a new house with my parents, 
and this would make my mom's day! 
Plus it's so attractive looking!

I think I know what I'm making her for Christmas this year :)

Children's Book Wall Decor

Take an old children's book to create wall art for a kid's room!

Isn't this precious!

Pretty simple, all you need is a child's picture book, frames, and some glue.

Free Graphics!

Get free graphics for your next project on this website!

One of the graphics available at the Graphic Fairy!

Make your own Paisley T-shirt!

You'll quickly learn that paisley is my FAVORITE pattern,
so when I saw this paisley tshirt, I practically lost it!

Just click on the picture or this link and find out how to make this stylish tshirt!

Mini Dress Form Jewelry Stand

You know those cute dress form jewelry stands they sell for about 20-50 dollars in the stores?

The completed look!

Well make your own with a barbie doll, a candle holder, a little clay, wire and some fabric scraps!

Too cute!

Travel Crafts: Beaded Ring

This beaded ring is a great way to fill out gift bags and presents!
Isn't this just lovely?

Save this one for a rainy day and make a bunch for yourself and friends!

This craft is considered a "travel craft," which is explained on the website as such: 
"A travel craft should be a small project you can easily stash away in your pocket or your bag. You should be able to work on it pretty much anywhere with few or no tools. Everything you need to make this ring can be tied into a handkerchief and squished into your coat pocket."

Matchbox Boxes

Aren't these adorable!

These little matchbox chest of drawers are a great little gift to make for your friends!

A couple of matchboxes, some scrap paper and embellishments, and glue,
and you're good to go!

Turn Yourself into a Cartoon!

You don't have to be a photoshop expert to create a cartoon version of yourself!

All you need is a photograph of yourself (or whoever, whatever) 
and a program like Photoshop or Illustrator...

Follow a couple of simple instructions and viola!