Wednesday, October 20, 2010 | By: Lexi

Booze Art!

I'm loving the "paisley-esque" look of some of these tiles!

This is great.
Go to Micheals and buy some of these alcohol blending solutions,
and special inks and some ceramic tiles...

I don't know how pricey it'll be but from the pictures I'm looking at,
I think it'd be completely worth it!
"so easy, so fun, just as sandra said it would be. the results are nearly immediate. alcohol ink dries very quickly on non-porous surfaces. start with a thin layer of the alcohol blending solution, spreading it evenly with a toothbrush. (this diffuses the color, brings out the saturation and extends the drying time.) then squeeze big drops of one color on the tile and watch it do the weirdest stuff ever... READ MORE"


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