Wednesday, October 20, 2010 | By: Lexi

Make Your Own Personal Dress Form

The completed dress form!

Mannequins cost anything from 99-500 dollars...
well you can use your OWN body to create a dress form with a little (messy) help!

You really just need another person, garbage bag, a lot of duct tape, and newspaper!

"You know why I have little sisters? So I can torture them with my craft making capabilities! I have two younger, much younger sisters that are in or will be in fashion design classes in high school in the fall. So while I was visiting we made them dress forms. We didn't get to mine. But I have the supplies and will be doing it this weekend before my husband goes. You need to have two people to pull this craft stunt off. I you tubed, googled, and blogged around the web for video's. I found my favorite ones and combined aspects of each to make ours... Read More"


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