Saturday, November 20, 2010 | By: Lexi

5 Great Websites for Crafters

5 Great Websites that every Crafter 
should have bookmarked 
(Illustrator Friday, Drawn!, Go Make Something, Not Martha, The How To Girl) 
you can find them here.

Mixed Media Tissue Paper Technique

I love mixed media arts and what I love more 
than mixed media arts is learning new techniques for mixed media arts.
This technique looks so nice.

Tutorial - Polymer Clay Button

Over at Violet Elephant find out how to 
make these snazzy polymer clay buttons.

Sandcasted Lego Rings

These sandcasted Lego Rings are a great best friends jewelry...
Aren't these great!?

Leg Warmer Pattern

Get a free pattern for these adorable leg warmers!

I love these leg warmers with those shoes... 
I can't wait to make some of these for myself for the holidays 
when I'm done with everyone else's gifts...
Friday, November 19, 2010 | By: Lexi

Polymer Clay Flowers

These little polymer clay flowers are a great way to embellish accessories, jewelry, ect.

Make Plaid Digital Paper

This is a handy technique for anyone making digital scrapbooks or a nice paper for a picture frame. 
You can make a plaid design based on the colors in your photograph. 
So head over to Digi Scrappers Corner for the tutorial.

Thursday, November 18, 2010 | By: Lexi

Modpodge a Shadow Box Ornament

At Mod Podge Rocks, there's this amazing tutorial on how to make a shadow box ornament. I, for one, love shadowboxes. You can do a Xmas theme as shown, or you can do something more personal for a family member/friend.
Aren't these miniatures adorable?

The final product

Make an Envelope Scrapbook

These envelope scrapbooks make great gifts for your friends and family... (doesn't everything I post on here?) They're a little bit more simple and to the point than regular scrapbooks (which is a good thing in some cases). I made something like this back in high school, they were really fun! The tutorial can be found here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | By: Lexi

Mario Bros. Zen Garden

Miss Cuddlefish at Craftster.org made this amazing Mario Zen Garden.

I'm just IMAGINING the possibilities... 
Mario, Halo, Resident Evil, Sonic...

The geek in me is realllly aching to do some crafts!

Free Printables at Go Make Something

On this blog post at Go Make Something you'll find over 1000 FREE printables! I'd post pictures of some, but the disclaimer on the blog forbids reposting the images... so go see for yourself! You'll find something for every project!

A Bookmark book - Ingenious!

I love this!
This little book within a bookmark tutorial
is such a great gift idea for the bookworm in your life. 

In this tutorial at DIY Planner
the example they use is a blank "book" bookmark for writing notes in. 
But you can also write your own mini-story, poetry, ideas, or quotes 
in your bookmark to personalize it for your family/friends.

So be sure to check out this tutorial for a cheap but meaningful last minute gift!