Wednesday, November 10, 2010 | By: Lexi

Make Your Own Scrabble Pendant!

Her Scrabble Pendants feature her own original artwork!

You can visit her Etsy page and grab one for yourself!
I just bought a couple Scrabble pieces on Etsy with big plans, but I have a few extras on the side that I decided to full around and make pendants with. But then I realized, I don't know how to make my Scrabble pendant look pretty and professional while also being dependent and durable.
I wasn't sure if mod podge alone would be the answer...

Thank GOODNESS I came across Marcia Furman's post on how to make Scrabble Pendants!

She suggests what materials will work best when working with a Scrabble piece...
and these are suggestions I can definitely use!

The Diamond Glaze looks like an AMAZING glaze, I couldn't find it at Micheal's... next stop, THE INTERNET!


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